SPIRITT is a patient-centric evidence development and specialty clinical research organization.

We are focused on delivering high-quality patient-informed evidence in the medical device, biologic, and pharmaceutical industries. SPIRITT offers management services for medical practices (community-based and academic) and industry sponsors including: clinical study development and execution services; regulatory guidance; product development; educational training/support services; abstract preparation/podium presentation assistance; and peer-reviewed journal publication assistance.

It is SPIRITT's goal to collect evidence that will improve healthcare outcomes for patients, healthcare providers, and medical technology companies alike.

SPIRITT's qualified team alleviates the administrative burden our clients face with respect to data collection and related evidence development activities. With the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in the United States, evidence collection and successful patient outcomes are becoming increasingly important. SPIRITT is well-positioned to assist our clients with developing and implementing a strategy to collect and report validated evidence across diverse therapeutic areas, which will enable the traceability of healthcare outcomes.

SPIRITT is structured to effectively lead or partner with our clients in a cost-efficient manner.

We use a combination of proprietary resources and solutions, along with strategic third-party partnerships, to deliver comprehensive yet cost-effective outcomes-related project management. With a unique focus on the patient as the primary determinant of a successful project, SPIRITT offers both the experience and the expertise to manage to your complete satisfaction any aspect of a project, regardless of complexity, with total confidentiality and with strict adherence to regulatory guidelines and Good Clinical Practices.


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