Patient-Centric Evidence Development

SPIRITT can provide patient-centric data collection and evidence development services for medical caregiver locations (including physician practices, ambulatory surgery centers, treatment centers, etc.) as follows:

  • Build, deploy, and monitor a customized evidence development plan unique for each client
    • Evaluate current practice flow and evidence collection procedures
    • Establish improvement goals of our clients
    • Develop plan to collect evidence based on client's goals (i.e., incorporate tools to meet Meaningful Use, PQRS, Provider Benchmarking, Quality-based Reimbursement, and Risk Management)
    • Setup and/or modify standard operating procedures for our clients, to improve quality and standardize processes across all staff
    • Research validated outcome tools for specific therapeutic areas of focus
    • Work with 3rd Party Vendors to establish an electronic data collection system for evidence collection at practice level, using validated outcome tools specific for therapeutic focus
    • Provide data management services to ensure compliance with evidence collection to meet previously established project goals and objectives
    • Help clients maintain compliance with evidence development goals, policies/procedures


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